Eco Gamer: Live Workshop

Tuesday, 21 July 2020 - 11:00am
Online, Online
Zoom Webinar
Presenter and journalist, Elle Osili-Wood joins computing teacher Estelle in a free live workshop aimed at children and young people on sustainability in video games
This event is closed for new bookings.

Eco Gamer has been developed by Digital Schoolhouse in partnership with BAFTA. Following the success of Football Manager 2020’s environmentally friendly packaging, SEGA would like you to design your very own social media campaign that will raise awareness of how packaging can be designed to be more planet friendly.

Join Elle and Estelle for this workshop special, as they guide you through a full length Computer Science lesson.
You will learn about:

- brand identity
- carbon footprint 
- considerations needed when designing environmentally friendly packaging 
- audience and purpose when designing a social media campaign 
- how to create a social media campaign for a specific platform

Recommended age: 7-16
Running time: 1 hour